Jane Goodall

The second episode in the Visions series is about famed primatologist and activist, Jane Goodall. U.N. Ambassador for Peace, Goodall is on the road 300 days a year educating, inspiring, and mobilizing individuals to action through her youth group Roots & Shoots and her aid program TakCare, which provides micro-credit loans to women in Africa to open environmentally conscious businesses. At 77 years-old, she has reached millions of people, engendering hope for the natural world, hope for animals, hope for us all.

Two interviews with Goodall have already been captured. A thirty-minute piece about the status of the world and our ability to bring about change, as well as an hour conversation between Goodall and Dave Mathews about the outreach they’ve done together and their goals for the future.

See the included Goodall Visions Trailer link for a preview of the full documentary piece.